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We were looking for a fun friendly capuchin monkey to add to our family. Our friends introduced us to Vinny the female capuchin monkey and I was instantly in love with her. They sent me a video, an instant connection was made. We were so happy and lucky to be chosen to receive a capuchin monkey. My daughters were over the moon that the capuchin monkey with the rainbow beads was ours. My Monkeys For Sale were there every step of the process and he answered any questions or concerns we had.
Jennifer & Family / Montreal, Canada

From the beginning to the end, My Monkeys For Sale took special care in guiding us through the capuchin monkey adoption process. They were extremely communicative and did everything possible to ensure a perfect match for our family. We appreciated their concern for proper placement and their expertise regarding the breed. Our sweet capuchin monkey was delivered to us as a healthy, confident, extremely well socialized, and a very loving little capuchin monkey. We will be forever grateful.
Julien & Family / Phoenix, Arizona

From before we were seriously considering getting a capuchin monkey, The process of getting our capuchin monkey was pretty unconventional in the world of getting a capuchin monkey, but we wouldn’t have traded it for the world! We are forever grateful to My Monkeys For Sale for giving us the best gift we could have ever gotten. My Monkeys For Sale have been really great throughout the whole-capuchin monkey adoption process. As soon as we spoke with her about the getting-capuchin monkey, we instantly felt a connection and felt that getting him was meant to be! My Monkeys For Sale always takes the time to answer every single one of our questions, no matter what it’s about. We don’t have enough good things to say about our whole capuchin monkey adoption process.
Natalien & Nicolas / New Jersey

My Monkeys For Sale gave us the best gift imaginable, The whole experience from start to finish was extremely positive and we remain in close contact. Our Capuchin monkey was the most perfect pet monkey and has grown to be the most loving, easy-going, and handsome-capuchin monkey we could ever ask for!.
Layne & Zach / Chicago, IL

I was interested in a capuchin monkey with good bloodlines who would also be a loving companion. I knew I wanted one of their Capuchin monkey I appreciate how through every step of the process, My Monkeys For Sale were right there to guide and support our mutual expectations. I could tell My Monkeys For Sale genuinely cared about the capuchin monkey as family members, and I couldn’t imagine getting a capuchin monkey from anyone else! From the moment I met my “Cosette”, I fell head over heels in love with her. She is the most affectionate, smartest, and truly most beautiful Capuchin monkey Everywhere we go she steals the show! I really appreciate.
Shelley & Ed / Connecticut / Naples FL

We could not be happier with our new-capuchin monkey, My Monkeys For Sale was extremely informative and made our first-capuchin monkey buying experience wonderful. As new “capuchin monkey parents” we had millions of questions that were answered patiently, matter-of-factly, and even extremely quickly once we had gotten home and still had even more questions! – we felt like we have been a part of Nancy’s life from the day she was born!.
Samantha / Florida

I purchased my second capuchin from My Monkeys For Sale for a little over 2 years ago and met him for the first time in person at that time when I went to Fowl Mouth Farm to pick up my little-capuchin baby. My Monkeys For Sale for opened his home up to me and my husband and made us feel right at home. When I first laid eyes on my happy healthy baby capuchin fell in love! My Monkeys For Sale for gave me a recipe for the formula he used along with some that he already had made so I had what I needed for my drive back home. My Monkeys For Sale for also made sure I was using the correct method of feeding such a young capuchin(8 weeks) by demonstrating along with having me feed my baby capuchin to make sure I was doing it right before I left his home and facility.
I highly recommend My Monkeys For Sale for as my choice of capuchin monkey, tamarin, and capuchin breeder. My Monkeys For Sale are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to caring, feeding, and breeding of marmosets, tamarins, capuchins, and other primates as well as other exotic animals. with his 30+ years of breeding experience, I trust no other when it comes to purchasing primates such as Marmosets, Tamarins, Capuchins.
Sandy Taylor / Kerrville, Texas

"I have personally known My Monkeys For Sale for many years. My husband and I have purchased 2 marmosets, a red hand tamarin, and an owl monkey from My Monkeys For Sale. The oldest of which is 10 years old now. All of them have been very healthy since the day we brought them home. My Monkeys For Sale for educated me on all of their specific needs and made sure I had everything I needed to get off to a great start. I am very thankful to My Monkeys For Sale for all of his help and for taking the time to spend talking to me anytime I had a question or concern. We still have our babies and all are doing well. I have also made many monkey friends that have gotten their babies from My Monkeys For Sale for as well. I have never seen nor heard anything bad about his breeding practices and have visited his home and facility many times. I highly recommend My Monkeys For Sale as a breeder and thank him for helping to make our dreams come true."
Rhonda Kelly / Texas

About 3 ½ years ago, someone was teasing me about having such a small cat & a small dog and I made a joke that I was going to get one of those monkeys that go on your finger. Well, my curiosity got the best of me and I started doing my research. Come to find out there is no such thing as a “capuchin monkey!” I made a decision that I wanted to bring one of these crazy little creatures into my life. I spoke with a few breeders and luckily came across your information. During our first phone call, I realized that you are “no-nonsense” which I really respect and you gave me more information than all of my other conversations combined. You were honest with me and did not tell me what you thought I wanted to hear, quite the opposite. I thought I wanted a girl, but being a female caretaker, you explained to me that a boy would be a better fit.
Dannielle Maddock / Pompano Beach, Florida

I also would like to say thank you for allowing me to start volunteering at your facility to earn my Capuchin license hours. The hands-on experience you have so far helped show of proper fresh daily diet, upkeep with the health of the animals, and ensuring their enclosure is rotated with challenging items to keep them stimulated and happy is key to ensuring a quality of life for them."
Lorin Howells / Florida

"I have known My Monkeys For Sale for at least 10 years. They are exceptional & honest. They breed Primates as well-capuchin monkeys. They personally own a variety of animals. They have also rescued exotic animal species, restored them to good health, then found excellent homes for them.
His facility is healthy, clean, open, and natural. Many of his Primate cages are built 'around' trees, so the Primates have natural places to climb, play and live. Sunlight and cover are provided. Many of the cages are interconnected by overhead tunnels. The Primates can move from one cage to another to another for change of scenery to prevent boredom. Additionally, toys, ropes, climbing apparatus, balls, and stuffed animals are provided for psychological stimulation. The babies of several species are hand raised. My Monkeys For Sale for plans their daily schedule around feeding times when they have babies to keep them fed and healthy. The cages are cleaned daily. The food bowls are placed with fresh food and removed daily to be cleaned and refilled. The food is a human quality, the correct diet for each species, and ample nutrition and variety.
I would not hesitate in the least to purchase any animal from My Monkeys For Sale for I have done so in the past and would again in the future."
Jennifer & Family / Ca

"This letter is to praise the wonderful services of My Monkeys For Sale. We have known My Monkeys For Sale for 14 years and have adopted 3 monkeys at that time all of which have been healthy and happy. All of My Monkeys For Sale for creatures live in wild habitats to mimic their natural homes in the wild so they are happy, healthy, and thriving in their beautiful tropical setting. He treats them as if they were his own children and has proven more than once that he is sincere in his care of all his animals and his humans too. My Monkeys For Sale has gone out of his way to assist us with training and proper diet with each of our beloved pets. When our eldest monkey was sick here with us in Phoenix he guided us with veterinary care and made frequent calls to check up on her which was greatly appreciated. He has been honest and genuine with us every step of the way in our journey with our monkeys over the years.
My Monkeys For Sale for has gone out of his way to accommodate us when we’ve made multiple long treks from Phoenix, AZ to Florida, and could not be more hospitable. We could not be happier with Lorraine &Todd for services and cannot imagine adopting from anyone else. He has always been available for questions and for sharing great stories of our little critters! We are so grateful for him and all that he does!!!
Lily Maxwell / PA

If you are considering adopting a baby (primate), you can't do any better than My Monkeys For Sale for, they are in it for life. If you